Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bruiser Practice

Saturday morning, hit Bradbury early again and executed a very satisfying (but tiring) race pace run of the Bruiser course, including the O trail. Even though we parked outside the gate and there were no cars in the parking lot, we encountered two runners and at least four bikers on the trail.

 The run was fantastic for me but a little discouraging for my son who had a bit of knee trouble in the O. he was smart and aborted rather than continue. later in the day the knee was feeling much better and he was glad with his decision.

 After the Bruiser run, it was a quick cool down swim then off to a golf tournament. I figured I would be a bit tired playing 5 hours of golf after my race pace run and I was right.  I figured the golf doubled as training for the 50k and 50 miler....lots of walking.

 My race pace run went so well that I am worried that I wont be able to duplicate the results at the actual race.....wouldn't that suck. What if I peaked at this run and the rest is all down hill. I suppose it doesn't matter all that much because my real focus is on the Brad ultra and Stone Cat anyway.

I may be crazy, but I actually enjoy running the O trail and as long as I am not racing it, I don't feel it beats my body up that much. I think the key is to be conservative and just let the terrain dictate the pace.....the rest falls into place on it's own.

Next weekend it will probably be a run of the BBU

Bruiser run  
12 miles @ 2:10:08  (a PR by 7 minutes)


Jamie said...

Nice work on the run-golf double. In regards to peaking too soon, you might be doing this anyway but I would monitor how you're feeling very closely these next couple of days. Allow yourself to recover properly and don't be afraid to take it really easy the week before the Bruiser. Plenty of time to absorb the weekend and turn it into hay in the barn if done correctly. Hope your son's knee heals up.

Sparkplug said...

Awesome Kevin! So glad you are running so well! I have a feeling you will take even more time off your PR on race day!

Jeremy Bonnett said...

Great job Kevin! Super glad you're able to cruise through that course with energy left!