Monday, July 23, 2012

Losing Focus

How is it I can lose focus on my training yet have a great training week?  My whole plan this week kind of fell apart and I ended up just filling in the gaps. Here is an overview.

Monday: Day off......only a little swimming to loosen up the muscles

Tuesday: Got out of work late, was planning to run the Breaker course. Met up with Val (who planned on running where the bikers were not) I on the other hand had planned the mountain side and was running there no matter what. Problem was I was starting so late and had a schedule to meet.
Ran the first half and then two miles of the second half. Ran the whole 6.5 including the summit trail (though not extremely fast) Felt great about this run even though it was cut short
6.5 miles ( breaker course) 1:21:10  (12:29 p)

Wednesday: Was supposed to be long run but was not...Day off  (2.5 mile walk with the wife)

Thursday: Was supposed to be a day off with the wife but she got tied up and I ended up at Bradbury for a nice run with no Garmen or watch of any kind Ran the BL loop plus a bunch of exploratory loops on Tyron and snowmobile trial on return. This was a great run and it felt so good not to worry about mileage or time. Ran into Linda when I was finishing...she looked strong and was already 5 miles into her run.

Appr.....9.5 miles....approx 1:55:00

Friday:  Ran 4 road miles with the wife ( she is training for BtoB) I called it easy miles for me but it was race pace for her. Then cooldown swimming laps.
4 miles 48:21  (12:30 P)

Friday night ......Red sox game....they lost but it was still fun

Saturday: trail run at Winchester with my son. This was a great run even though it was a bit hot out.   The terrain is very similar to a mix of Brad mountain and Brad east
6.5 miles  1:02:12  (9:35p)

Sunday:  5 mile road loop with the wife ....nice early morning run
58:02  (12:00 P) Then a 2 mile cooldown walk and laps in the pool.

Total miles 31.3

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