Monday, April 23, 2012

Where Am I and Whats up With The Blog Changes?

 I really liked and was comfortable with the old blog why change it?  I guess change is good but it will take a while to get used to this new style.

The big question looms over my head lately, Where Am I?  In the past few months I have not been able to set any type of training plan in place, time restraints and responsibilities seem to overwhelm my current schedule.

Honestly, my running plans are up in the air until I actually grab my running clothes and head to a site. Not knowing how things will settle out on weekends, I just wait until I wake up and then decide what I can accomplish. This format doesn't give me much time with other runners, so I have been running mostly alone.

That being said, I have been able to get out for some good quality runs and virtually had no junk mile runs at all. Perhaps this is a good thing but it feels out of control and I tend to be more comfortable when I have a plan and am in control.

We will see how things shake out this year, but if The Merrimac race is any indication, I am hoping for good results. Track workouts start up this Tuesday and it is my plan to attend this year.......last time I did track, I ended up injured and it affected my performance the rest of the year. This time I plan on scaling things back a bit. My intent is to get a bit more turnover...thus a bit more speed.

last weeks training,

 Weight training

 Cross training

  7.5 miles at Pineland @1:12:39 (9:42 pace)  Minimus shoes
  2 mile cool down

  2 mile walk


 5:30 am .....6 miles Hill work @ Bradbury  1:26:01 (14:21 pace) Started at the School (inov-8)
cooldown  3 miles (at home)

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Jeremy Bonnett said...

Looks like a diverse week of well-rounded training.