Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's been a Week Already

I haven't had much time lately to write about each run and next thing you know, the week has come and gone with no entry....So, now I find myself re-capping

After a failed attempt to run Monday ......had problems with the pool and was forced to go strait home, I finally made it to Bradbury Tuesday for a much needed run. I had so much trouble deciding what route to do and finally figuring the Scuffle to make the most sense.

 The closer I got to the O-trail, the more I yearned for the direction blasting craziness of the abyss that seems to completely stop time in it's thing I knew I was running a double loop and fully enjoying it  Not quite  the speed training run I planned, but at least I got to fall and cut my knee battle scars are always uplifting.

Wednesday:  I only managed a few laps in the pool while I humbly suffered through the aches and pains of sparring with the O-trail.

Thursday:  I hit Bradbury again, this time to run the second loop of the Breaker course. I was determined to slap myself silly every time I was temped to walk. This worked good until I only made it about one third of the way up the Summit trail and found the cement around my ankles to be too heavy for me. I was reduced to a walk for another third of the way....I finally pushed myself to a mini schuffle until I crested the mountain.

 The rest of the run went well as I caught my breath pretty quick and finished with a great speed up and kick.
The real reward was a cool down swim and laps in the pool after.

Friday: .......cross training, Left work early to begin a project that I have been putting off for a couple years now. I started ripping the old roof of the garage to prep for a new one.  This was equivalent to a 4 hour gym workout .....or at least it felt that way.

Saturday:   Finally I was putting up a ridge pole and assembling the rafters for the new roof. This was a and the toll of lifting and carrying rough cut lumber was weighing heavy on me. I finished this day with some laps in the pool. Though refreshing, the cool water seemed to do nothing for the aching muscles.

Sunday:  Rolling out of bed was tough as the body was complaining about the new crosstrainning routine. As usual, a 6 am swim limbered things up a bit.....only to get ready for more punishment. Luckily the sun was not beating on as like Saturday and it was a bit more night fall, the roof was fully boarded and covered with tar paper......just in time for the down pour.

Monday:  L L Bean 10K ......I actually thought I would wake up dreading the thought of running this race, but I hit the pool and after a bunch of laps I loosened up pretty good. The exciting thing about this race, is that we planned on pushing my granddaughter in the stroller for her first ever road race.

I found that pushing a stroller....even a nice one from Beans, was quite a bit of work and on this muggy day, I felt the full effects of the last few days. regardless, I not only had a great time but I ran about 7 minutes faster than I planned.

One thing that was cool,  we started dead last ( we didn't want some over zealous runner crashing into the stroller), and we actually passed at least 200 runners by the time we finished. Rylee, the granddaughter, was fantastic and was reported to be "wiggling" her toes in excitement as we kicked to the finish.

Another dip in the pool and it was back on the roof to one side done before the rain and lost all gumption when the sun powered back out to do anymore........just plain spent and the body needed a rest.

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Drusy said...

How cool, pushing your granddaughter in a race - I feel sorry for all the people you passed!