Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One More Weekend!

One more weekend of worrying about is so hard to give up the rare opportunities to get in a run (because of my tight schedule) just because there could be some unsafe hunter out there waiting to shoot anything that moves.

Don't think I am putting down hunters because 95% of them are very conscientious and safe, there are those few bad apples though that ruin things and when it comes to getting shot I must admit it scares me.

I have noticed one odd thing this year, you see I travel to work very early in the morning (around 4am) and I usually see deer in 3 - 4 places crossing the road every morning .....except during hunting season which I rarely see deer.

It is strange that they seem to know the season and lay low or perhaps change their patterns. The strange thing is, I have seen deer 3 out of 5 days last week and every day this week which is so unusual.

Not only have I seen deer, but I saw bucks which rarely happens anytime of year. The other strange thing is that the places I see them is totally different than their normal crossings through out the rest of the year.

If I was a hunter, I suspect I would have no problems getting my deer as I not only know where they run when on their morning migration, but I also run on deer trails which are perfect single tracks.

I would just drive around at 4am, wait to see a deer cross, park until daylight and follow the trail.....seems easy. Lucky for them deer, I do not hunt. I do like the thought of hiking through the woods and pitting my intelligence against theirs and if I actually had no other way to put meat on my table, I would shoot one.

It seems ironic that the very time deer are up and moving, is when most hunters are stopping at their favorite breakfast spot for a big morning meal and by the time they finish eating and the daylight shows up, the deer are long gone.

I almost suspect there are many hunters that do this by design.....because they love hunting but perhaps don't really want to shoot and gut a deer...

Today, I am getting out of work early and regardless of where there may be hunters lurking, I am going for a run. If I do get shot, at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing the meat they get will be old and tough!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kevin, have a great Thanksgiving!

Ann and George!

vja said...

I'm glad the rifle hunting is over. I'll head back to the trails I love in Gorham. Hope we get to run with you soon!