Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speed Workout??

I did my first documented speed workout for this year.. It is kind of a joke and I almost laughed out loud when I looked at the splits. I started the run with the
intent of warming up a bit then jumping right into some good speed.

I guess I was thinking that even though I was doing mostly base running this winter, I should have no problem churning out a short 3 mile speed run. I stand corrected....well I was not standing after so much as bending over trying to catch my breath.

The run actually was more like a tempo with a kick, but at this point, I am calling it a speed workout.'s my log so I can embelish if I want to. I did feel pretty good after I finished (and caught up with my breath and the heart rate slowed a bit) At this point, I guess I will take what I can get.

I find myself reminising of the semi speed I had a few years back and sometimes wonder if I will ever get back in that kind of shape.....or do I really want to as I remember being injured a lot back then. There was always some muscle I had overworked and there lies the excuses of why I couldn't reach the levels I wanted.

I wasn't satisfied then but now would be estatic to run those same times. Everything is so relative.....why do we humans always compare rather then enjoy? I think I have come to terms as of late and when I run the Irish Rover 5K in March, we will see how well I can live with running rather than racing that event.

Oh.....I actually will be racing, but my time will be embarassingly in the run catagory as far as time goes. The one thing it will tell me though is where I am actually at for 5ks. Somehow, I didn't race one 5k last year.....not sure how that happened. Perhaps I was a bit scared or possibly a little intimidated as my condition had been geared toward distance all last winter.

What does all this babbling mean? Nothing other than a bunch of thinking out loud and trying to convince myself that it doesn't doesn't..does it? As long as I can shed some of the unwanted fatty deposits before I open the pool this year, I suppose I will be happy about my training.

This week so far:

Monday morning, 2 miles abs and weight workout
Tuesday morning, 2 miles abs and weight workou
Tuesday nite, 3 mile speed (splits:9:11, 8:52, 7:13)half mile hill jog cooldown
Wednesday morning, 2 miles abs and weight workout

I've got the Fatass this weekend(saturday), hoping to at least do 12 miles, then double up with a fairly long run on Sunday.

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